Elk Hunting in New Mexico

First-class Accommodations, Professional Semi-Guided Hunt, Meals Included, No Draw Required
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The Hunt of a lifetime

Trophy Elk Hunting with a Professional Guide.

Elk hunting in New Mexico is the ultimate adventure. Clear Creek Ranch offers semi-guided Elk hunts, on private land. That means no-draw is required. You get trophy quality elk, an introduction to the property by a professional guide, lodging, meals, and on-site transportation. And then the best fair chase hunting you can get!

Elk Hunting Trophy
Elk Hunting Trophy
Elk Hunting in New Mexico
Trophy from New Mexico Elk Hunt
Trophy from New Mexico Elk Hunt
Elk Hunting
Elk Trophy from Clear Creek Ranch
Elk Hunting Trophy

map of hunting units in New Mexico map of our hunting unit

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GPS Location of cabin: 36 10.802’N 105 10.476’W View on Google


Private Ranch in Northeastern New Mexico.
Explore the beautiful mountains in Game Management Unit 46, northeastern New Mexico. Closest town: Guadalupita, New Mexico. Approximately 7,500- 9,000 ft. in elevation. Lots of wildlife call this area home, including elk, Mule Deer, bears, turkeys, and coyotes. Our New Mexico elk hunts are not too physically demanding primarily as the elk are in flat and easily accessible areas during the rut. We typically drive to the general vicinity of where we will hunt, and then travel on foot from that point. Hunters should expect to walk 1-5 miles per day across fairly flat terrain. The only difficult hiking we sometimes encounter is when getting into position atop high points to glass.  If you are hunting a late season hunt with us in November or December, the hunts tend to be more physically challenging as the bulls move into difficult terrain. All hunts are free ranging fair chase. Any animal injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged full price. We look forward to having you join us for our New Mexico Elk Hunting experience of a lifetime!

Dates and Pricing

Rifle Hunts

Rifle hunt for Elk in one of the top units in New Mexico with chances at a 350 class bull! Our hunters average an 80% shot opportunity, an 85% to 95% kill rate, with an occasional 100% kill rate.

Muzzle-Loader Hunts

Looking for a challenge to up your game? We offer muzzle-loaded rifle hunts as well. These hunts are the same season and dates as the modern rifle hunts.


Rifle Hunts
Oct. 25-29
$6,500 per hunter

Cow Hunts
Nov. 8+
$2,500 per hunter

Archery Hunts

Bow hunts for Elk in the middle of the rut. Our hunters reach a 95% shot opportunity with an average 55% kill rate!

Archery Hunts

Sept. 1-6
Sept. 8-14
$5,500 per hunter

Non-hunters: additional daily fee
(cabin comfortably sleeps 2-3 non-hunters)




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All hunts include cabin lodging with modern amenities, all food, hunt transportation, and semi-guided professional!


Hunter’s rave about their elk hunting experiences at Clear Creek Ranch!

Now I know what heaven looks like

Wow, now I know what heaven looks like. My first elk. I really didn't want to shoot a Big one so I will have a reason to come back. My grand kids will be proud of papa when they see the pictures and horns. Thanks

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 Elk Hunting in New Mexico