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The weather in New Mexico varies significantly with temperatures ranging from 0-80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is always a chance of rain during the September archery hunts and temperatures will range from 20-80 degrees depending on how late your hunt is scheduled. October is usually a dry month; however we do have an occasional storm and may even see a dusting of snow. November and December late season hunts have a likelihood of snow and temperatures in the 0-50 degree range.

Elk Hunting in New Mexico

Licenses & Fees

New Mexico State license fees, state gross tax, taxidermy, meat processing, shipping of trophy or meat, and off-site transportation is not included.

Non-Resident License Fees*
Bull Elk: $633.00     Cow Elk: $359.00
*subject to change

Archery Season: September 1 through 22
Gun Season: October 1 through December 31


Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ), New Mexico is the closest airport. From there drive to Las Vegas, NM, then Guadalupita, NM.

Ground Transportation

Transportation from the ranch lodging to the hunting area is included. Other transportation (e.g. airport pick-up and drop-off) can be arranged at additional cost.

Airport near Clear Creek Ranch

Hunter’s Checklist

Hunters must bring all hunting equipment needed for the duration of the hunt. We do not provide any weapons, optics, clothing, packs, or hunting gear for clients. We do provide qualified guides, transportation during the hunt, food, lodging, and basic necessities. We provide all of the food, water, and snacks that you will need for your entire hunt. We do not provide liquor or beer; however we do allow hunters to bring whatever they would like into camp.

All hunts are free ranging fair chase. Any animal injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged full price.


Weapon & Ammo
Knife Sharpener
Day Pack
Flashlight w/ Batteries
Camera & Film
Lighter a/o matches
First Aid Kit


Contact Broadheads Only
(no expandable broadheads)

125 grain minimum


.30 Caliber or larger
180 grain minimum


Camo Clothing/Cap
Light & Heavy Jackets
Light Rain Gear
Light Waterproof Boots
2 pr socks per hunting day


Long Underwear
Waterproof Boots (400gr)
Waterproof Gloves


Cover-Up Scent
Wet Wipes

For the Cabin:

Wash Towels

We typically drive to the general vicinity of where we will hunt, and then travel on foot from that point. Hunters should expect to walk 1-5 miles per day across fairly flat terrain. The only difficult hiking we sometimes encounter is when getting into position atop high points to glass. If you are hunting a late season hunt with us in November or December, the hunts tend to be more physically challenging as the bulls move into difficult terrain.

Fine Print

Just kidding – we’re up front about everything

Please read the Hunter’s Cotnract – it has lots of details about costs, what’s included, what to bring.